2007 Big Concert - Daesung and his hyungs

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Do you know why they are called KINGS? Well maybe because there are 144 songs under GD’s name, 44 for TOP, 18 for Taeyang, 11 for Daesung and 19 for Seungri. Maybe because most if not all of the songs are written and composed by them. Maybe because they are writing their own history in KPOP by always making it to #1 in charts. Maybe because they can do entertainments like variety, they can do acting, they can be an MC, they can be models, they can be ambassadors and so on. Maybe because they don’t go with the flow of what’s in instead they are the one setting the trend.

There is only one thing that I am sure of… it is because they made me feel like a QUEEN treating me as their VERY IMPORTANT PERSON.

Do you know why VIP’s are elitist? Because these boys made sure that we can held our head high. They made sure that every fan will be proud of their achievements. They don’t stop at being the best because they always strive for the perfection.

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Kang Daesung + his life in a permanent shampoo commercial

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#daesung is the adorable human being in my life.. 

Cr. on gifs.

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I was really sad that VIPs just had fun about the MAMA perfomance and forget about Daesung’s condition. I was so disappointed that only DaeStans worried about him. Eveyone was making joke and laughed on GD’s sushi hair, Screamed for Top’s Doom Dada perfomance, Cheer on YoungBae’s stage and raised…